Location! Location! Location!

There is more to choosing a home with the right location than just the town or school district you prefer.  Here are some other location items to consider when shopping for a new home.

1. How far is it from your work?   You may find a bargain home, but if it is an hour away, that savings can be eaten away over the years in gas and car maintenance and the extra time invovled in commuting.

2. What direction is the home from your work? If you live west of your workplace, you will drive into the sun on your way both to and from work - unless of course, you work at night.

3. How long is the driveway and how large is the yard?  Will you have to purchase expensive snow removal and yard maintenance equipment and spend many hours each week at these tasks?  Many people enjoy these outdoor activities, but others find them a drudge.

4. What is the traffic pattern by your new home.   Drive by the home you are interested in at different times of the day to learn the traffic routine.  If it is near a school, the traffic may be congested for about an hour in the morning and afternoon during the school year.   Even country roads can have heavy traffic, and dust can be a problem on unpaved roads.

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