Purchase Confidence Returning to Michigan.

You may have seen the recently released housing statistics from the Michigan Association of Realtors* (MAR), in which MAR reports that people in Michigan are not only buying homes again, but average home prices are increasing. This is great news for a lot of reasons. As you know, a turnaround in the housing market means higher home values, an improved equity position for home owners and a reduction in the inventory of homes for sale. People can now move again and not feel trapped in a home that is undervalued.

If you are considering purchasing your first home, a second home on the lake, ready for a larger home, or even to down size, let me know.  Now may be the perfect time for you to buy.  It may also be the right time for you to sell.

My favorite part of being a Realtor is helping my buyer and seller clients make good decisions.  I have actually told potential sellers and buyers that the time was not right for them personally to make a move.   I want the people I help to enjoy their new home for years to come.  If you have questions about the real estate market and the value of your home I would be happy to help.

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